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Hopewell Health

Help those with kidney disease avoid dialysis by making it easier to raise awareness of their need for a kidney donor.

Solution Part 1
Asking for an organ is incredibly awkward. We built software that generates microsites to make it easier to raise awareness of their need. Johnson's Hopewell site

Solution Part 2
We interviewed real donors who answered specific questions from prospective donors and then hosted them in short-form video format: Hopewell Donor Alumni

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Cake Insure

Help a 100-year old Workers' Compensation company reinvent their brand and product. Our goal was to go from a purchase process that often lasted over a month to the ability to be able to buy in less than 5-minutes on your phone.

Through competitive testing, we learned that the issue preventing customers from buying online was the inability to match their business to an insurance classification.
I worked with our data scientist to create Arthur, a snarky NLP algorithm that lets customers describe their business in their own words (free text), and Arthur figures out the classification for them.In our first year, we achieved:

  • 74 NPS

  • $2.2M in revenue

  • 95% underwriting accuracy

  • 88% of purchases require no human touch

  • ~6 minutes: Average time to purchase

  • “This is the easiest insurance I have over obtained.” - Gordon Arbuckle, Arbuckle & Co, Boulder, CO